Character Modeling Tutorial

Original concept Sketch.

Model created using photographs from Paul, the horse I rode at practice on Monday.

Horse after proportions were tweaked.

Original idea for armor.

Got rid of the drape, and allowed more of the face to show through. I created two variations of the head armor to allow more of the horse's face to show through. I decided on the one that did not have as much cut out, to retain at least some protection for the horse.

Here is the bare head, with the details I didn't want to lose.

Unwrapped the horse. I used this checker pattern to ensure that there was equal surface area for the texture.

Then I created a texture map in Photoshop that was just noise, in order to tell if there would be any texture stretching. I am glad that I did this because there would have been a lot. This step allowed me to correct the problem early.

Texture Map. Notice the enlarged eyes. I did this for two reasons. One was because I had extra space, and I could, and the other was to put more life into him by having really realistic eyes, with more detail then the rest of the model allowed with it's texture space. I mirrored a lot of stuff to allow for more texture area. The only part that is not mirrored is the front of the face. I wanted to allow for the white scar across the right eye, and I wanted to avoid the twinning look.

Finished Horse. Now to start on with the armor and its textures.