Revamping my web site and modernizing it
February 14th, 2016

Completely new look

I've neglected the site for the past couple of years so I thought it was time to re-design the page, modernize it and also provide fresh new tutorials and artwork. Look out for some more original work in the near future.

Realistic 3D head sculpture
June 17th, 2014

Portfolio Update

Finally, like 2 years later, I edited and uploaded part 1 of my lecture at Carnegie Melon's Entertainment Technology Center. I cover a lot of the process of creating the bust to the right.

Rotor Space Arcade released
March 3rd, 2013

Our game is out

Our game is out! Grab Rotor on Google Play. Trailer below. If you have benefited or enjoyed my tutorials over the years, I would really appreciate if you download the free version and rate it positively and give it a nice comment. Liking the Youtube trailer helps too. This was made by 4 people, myself for all 3D and UI, Ágúst, my husband for all programming, Peter Boehme for the intro illustrations, and Ian Dorsch for the music. Head over to my 3D page to see the art from Rotor, as well as some new low poly art from Hungry Sharks Evolution.

Double smoothing tutorial news update
March 1st, 2013

Double smoothing tutorial

I have been using this technique for quite a while, but never had time to make a video till now. Double smoothing shows how to use two turbosmooth modifiers for a lower resolution control cage when modeling subD objects. Head over to the tutorial page to see the video link. Check out the tutorial here.

3D portfolio update
November 25th, 2012

New additions

Big update. Added two personal art items to the 3D page. A realistic "next-gen" bust, and a low poly mobile art-test. Also the game that my husband and I are making is almost complete. We are aiming for a Christmas release. You can "like" the facebook page (and I would be very grateful if you did). The top link on facebook is a competition to name the main character, and the winner gets a free t-shirt with the main character on it. To check out the project page itself (with a small Unity demo) go to Rotor - the Epic Arcade Shoot-Em-Up.

October 18th, 2012

An app is made

My husband and I have released our first App for Android. It's a vocabulary trainer that is language agnostic, meaning you can train yourself to and from any language you can input on your device. Give it a download, it's completely free. The only cost incurs if you want to purchase a dictionary, rather than add in all your own words. I have been using it to help me learn Icelandic, it's a really helpful tool. In other news, I will be one week in Pittsburgh, lecturing at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as Carnegie Melon, for the second time. The week of Oct 28-Nov 4. If you are in the area and want to meet up, just give me an email.

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